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Stacey Sepp, you make me want to be a better man

A lesser man would use this space to gloat, but I can’t. I truly feel like Apollo Creed after the final bell in Rocky I. I’m bruised, battered and happy it’s over. After 15 gut-wrenching rounds, I’m the champion of a fight I didn’t deserve to win. In other words, “There ain’t gonna be no rematch.”

Stacey (right) beating up CJ (left)

Stacey (right) beating up CJ (left)

In what turned out to be a more grueling (and annoying) contest than I could have ever imagined, I outlasted an incredible last second surge by Stacey Sepp in my first (and last) follow-off competition on Twitter. 

For those of you not in the know, Stacey is the founder and COO of Xstatic Public Relations in Denver. More importantly, however, Stacey is a Twitter-friend of mine, and we are now going to be mentioned in the same sentence for all of history.

HA! Not really. The fact that Stacey even agreed to this contest is beyond flattering, and I appreciate any notoriety I gained as a result of competing against her. 

On Xstatic PR’s fancy new Web site, the agency claims “to not [be] your ordinary public relations firm.” Well, Stacey, here’s a proof point. Ideas like today’s follow-off are examples that you aren’t afraid to be different. In fact, Xstatic is proving everyday to be different, and their “unique combination of stellar results and flawless execution is what keeps [their] clients coming back for more.”

I want to formally thank Stacey for today, and to let the rest of you know that I am taking a break from this blog and Twitter for the weekend.

Thanks to all who helped me through today – I couldn’t have done it without you. Big Ups go out to Mike Marcotte (gave me an unbelievable boost early), Amber Johnson (helped me pull away at the end) and Lynne Austin (mentioned me three times on her Tampa Bay-based sports talk show, SportsChix!) 

Enjoy the weekend, all!


“It’s a Follow-off”


Stacey Sepp, Founder and COO of Xstatic Public Relations in Denver, has challenged me to a “follow-off” on Twitter. Whoever can increase their total number of followers in 24 hours gets a Gold Star, a round of applause and bragging rights for the month. The loser is publicly humiliated and will suffer 19 weeks of bad luck.

Now you understand why this contest is so important to me. I’m already on a six week stretch of bad luck, so if Stacey bests me tomorrow then the next few months should be just dandy.

Here’s what I need you to do:

  • If you are on Twitter already, then start following me at @CJ_Powell
  • If you aren’t then sign up here (takes two minutes) and start following me at @CJ_Powell. To my friends who are anti-Twitter… Dudes, you don’t have to keep the account – Just make one and follow me momentarily until I can outlast Stacey.
  • If you already do follow Stacey… well… I don’t want to condone any de-following behavior, but it certainly couldn’t hurt my cause in the short term.
  • Finally, spread the word. Stacey’s reach is pretty expansive, and beating her would truly be a testament to the gossipy nature of my circle.

The third bullet is borderline cheating behavior, but as this posting already proves I’m willing to do whatever to gain a competitive advantage. If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.TaleOfTheTape

Follow me @CJ_Powell

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