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But wait… Palin thought it was funny


Credit The Huffington Post for grabbing any and all Obama headlines and slapping them on the front page. Even a lefty like myself can get a bit of Obama-itis (that’s Inflammation of the Obama Gland for you Pre-Med students.)

A sampling of today’s headlines:

  • “Saudis Roll Out Red Carpet, Obama Offers Thanks In Arabic”
  • “Friedman: What Obama Told Me About His Plans For Mideast Trip”
  • “NBC Catches Rare Moment: Obama Frustrated At Handlers”
  • “Pregnant Brit Gives Life In Laos… Arab Media Reacts To Obama”
  • “Obama Egypt Speech: Venue Choice Draws Fire”
  • “Making Change: Progressives in the Obama Moment”
  • “Letterman Takes You Inside The Obama Whitehouse”
  • “Michelle Obama And Bo Give Brian Williams Tour Of The East Wing”
  • “Millions Of Homeowners Find They Don’t Qualify For Obama’s Mortgage Assistance Program”
  • “SLIDESHOW: New Behind The Scenes Obama Photos”
  • “Obama Surprises “Tonight Show”: I’ve Helped With Leno-Conan Transition

But perhaps the most interesting of the Obama headlines was the one nearest to the bottom:

“Obama Critiques SNL’s Fred Armisen Impression Of Him”

Natural reaction: Come on? … Really? I had to click to find out more. Apparently in between getting the tour of The East Wing from the Michelle and the family dog Bo, Brian Williams was able to pull out another journalistic nugget: Obama wasn’t impressed with Armisen’s impersonation of the President. 

Wow. Even Sarah Palin seemed to be amused by Tina Fey’s interpretation of the Alaska governor. 

Due to’s “wonderful” policy on embedding videos, I cannot plug the video into this post. But be sure to watch Obama speak with his tongue firmly in his cheek about basketball, Armisen and “the ryhthm” of his voice. 


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