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JohnstonWells Lab 1321 – May 20, 2009


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It’s been almost four months since my former employer – Schenkein – closed its doors, and I’m still without full-time employment. I’ve been able to stay afloat with PR contracting work, odd-jobs and my very generous severance package, but I obviously would like the stability, the experience and the paycheck that comes with full-time employment.

When Schenkein closed, I conducted initial outreach to my dream agencies (before waking up), attended various networking events (just ask the folks at Linhart PR), and did everything within my power to simply “get out there” with varying degrees of success.

The result? Nothing worth blogging about.My job search turned stagnant in a hurry, and – concurrently – the golf courses opened one by one. Ultimately, I became comfortable.

Not anymore. The very talented staff at JohnstonWells hosted its Lab1321 for Job Seekers this morning at its beautiful 1321 15th St. offices, and I must admit, I walked away feeling reinvigorated. Like a rundown romantic six months removed from a painful and earth-shattering breakup, I am ready to date again.”Those guys are right about you, you’re money.”

Quick thoughts of today’s proceedings:

– It’s easy to see why Gwin Johnston trusted her daughter, GG Johnston, with the car keys to JW. The room was split between the young and the old, and GG was able to speak to both audiences seamlessly. When discussing social media, she explained clearly and concisely as to why it is important to engage in the social conversation to the older audience. Conversely, she drew the comparison between social media and Rock and Roll, which I thought was awesome.

– Really? You’re attending a seminar about job-seeking strategies, and you forget to turn your phone on silent? Then you proceed to let it ring for 15-20 seconds? I apologize if the culprit is reading this, but that seemed too inappropriate not to discuss. In all, I guess that was less of a faux pas than my morning gaffe: forgetting my cellphone at home. I was deeply saddened that I was unable to play along while various guests tweeted in real time.

– Bravo to JW’s Mike Adams. When the real-time survey failed (twice), Mike kept the conversation going brilliantly. Then, as the event was running long, Mike smoothly fielded (what seemed like) dozens of questions with succinct answers. If you ever get sick of PR, Mike, you’d make a great gameshow host.

– It was great to finally meet Efrem Rodriguez, who befriended me months ago in the world of Twitter. Mr. PugofWar himself gets the award for Prettiest Slideshow, and his presentation should be (and probably is) used in New Biz proposals. Must be nice to have a resource like Ef in the ever-changing world of PR.

Blake Jackson’s group activity – to categorically define your online existence – reminded me of registering for WeFollow, the UserPowered Twitter Directory. Simple as it might have been, I really do believe the activity will help me when looking for blog inspiration.

– If I do become employed in the next few months, a great deal of the credit should go to Eric Brown, Director of Communications for Mayor Hickenlooper, and Andrew Hudson, founder of the infamous Both spoke this morning, and each brought an inspiring message to my mind’s forefront.

– Although it was a pleasure to meet Alexis Hammack, I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive her for allowing me to embarrass myself in front of Denver-celebs Andrew Hudson and Jeremy Story. Alexis, in a misguided attempt to show the room how an interview is conducted, asked me to come to the front of the room to roleplay. Luckily, somebody got the exchange on video, and I’ll embed the video below.

– I think it’s time to ditch for WordPress [which I’ve obviously now done]. I joined Virb through a recommendation from my man Zack Littlefield. After learning that Jeremy’s DenverPRBlog is a WordPress blog, I think it’s time I take off my training wheels and WordPress with the big boys.

– Finally, thanks to Lee Bley, a longtime friend and employee at JW, for letting me use her computer post-seminar. Simple, I know, but it actually did save my bacon.

Check out my great response to Alexis’s fun (and humbling) interview question!!


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