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Are the Broncos this year’s Falcons?

Kyle Orton: The Legend

Kyle Orton, sans neck-beard

Coming off one of the most bizarre and turbulent off seasons I’ve seen as a Broncos fan, I think I’m strangely optimistic about the upcoming season.

Will we win the AFC West? Sorry, not a chance.

Can we make the playoffs? Unlikely.

Will we even finish above .500? Maybe, maybe not.

But if the Broncos’ franchise were a stock (Quote: DEN), I’d buy it today at its 52-week low. The pundits – local and national – sold their shares over the past few months, and it’s pretty easy to see why:

Uncertainty is the theme here, and because sports “analysts” are in the business of guessing correctly to ensure job stability, nobody wants to touch the Denver Broncos as a sleeper in the 2009 NFL season. But let’s be honest here, these analysts are habitually correct as often as they are incorrect. The “sexy” sleeper pick almost never survives lofty expectations and there are always handful of teams that surprise. Baltimore, Miami and Atlanta all came into last season with low expectations and proved these so-called experts wrong. Why can’t the Broncos be one of those surprise teams?

  • Coach McDaniels, despite being young, has an outstanding pedigree and a starting quarterback he actually petitioned for during the Cutler fiasco.
  • Assuming Denver is able to pacify the Marshall situation, the offense has playmakers at every position and should be fairly dynamic.
  • The defense really can’t be any worse than it was last year, and now it boasts some natural leaders in Dawkins, Bailey and LB Andra Davis.
  • Although the schedule looks terrifying now, the NFL is as erratic as ever. The smart bet is that one of those aforementioned opponents will not be nearly as formidable as expected. Besides, Denver still gets Oakland and Kansas City twice a year.
  • Finally, character counts in sports. After watching video after video of new Denver personnel this off season, it’s clear that the new regime values character more than the past administration. Furthermore, the new players believe in Coach McD, they believe in this organization and they truly believe they can win in 2009. As local residents just witnessed in the Denver Nuggets, anything is possible when your players buy into the same concept.

Realistically? No, I don’t think the Broncos will be this year’s surprise juggernaut. But it really isn’t out of the realm of possibility like some would have you believe. And just like the Phillies fans in Philadelphia asked last October, “Why Can’t Us?”


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