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Sports Illustrated’s Fortunate 50

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Sports Illustrated released today its sixth annual “Fortunate 50” list, which lists the 50 top-earning American athletes in salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees. You’d probably be able to guess the Top 10 at your local pub’s Trivia Night with the exception of Allen Iverson, who grossed nearly $29 million last year.

In case you were wondering, the average earnings for the Fortunate 50 in America was $23.6, while SI’s list of the 20 highest paid International athletes came in with an average of $29.5 million.


Top 10:

1.) Tiger Woods, Pro Golf
Last Year’s Rank: 1
Salary / Winnings – $7,737,626
Endorsements – $92,000,000
Total – $99,737,626
2.) Phil Mickelson, Pro Golf
Last Year’s Rank: 2
Salary / Winnings – $6,350,356
Endorsements – $46,600,000
Total – $52,950,356
3.) LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
Last Year’s Rank: 3
Salary / Winnings – $14,410,581
Endorsements – $28,000,000
Total – $42,410,581
4.) Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees (MLB)
Last Year’s Rank: 6 (tie)
Salary / Winnings – $33,000,000
Endorsements – $6,000,000
Total – $39,000,000
5.) Shaquille O’Neal, Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
Last Year’s Rank: 6 (tie)
Salary / Winnings – $20,000,000
Endorsements – $15,000,000
Total – $35,000,000
6.) Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics (NBA)
Last Year’s Rank: 8
Salary / Winnings – $24,750,000
Endorsements – $10,000,000
Total – $34,750,000
7.) Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
Last Year’s Rank: 5
Salary / Winnings – $21,262,500
Endorsements – $10,000,000
Total – $31,262,500
8.) Allen Iverson, Detroit Pistons (NBA)
Last Year’s Rank: 12
Salary / Winnings – $21,937,500
Endorsements – $7,000,000
Total – $28,937,500
9.) Derek Jeter, New York Yankees (MLB)
Last Year’s Rank: 10
Salary / Winnings – $20,000,000
Endorsements – $8,500,000
Total – $28,500,000
10.) Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts (NFL)
Last Year’s Rank: 9
Salary / Winnings – $14,500,000
Endorsements – $13,000,000
Total – $27,000,000


DeRailed Ink

DeRailed Ink logo web

DeRailed Ink – the folks who brought you the “Eddie Royale with Cheese,” “Tulo Jit 2 Quit” and “In Chauncey We Trust” t-shirts – is releasing a Cruiser Cape for the Denver Cruisers bicycle pub-crawl.Picture 1

These guys are pretty talented, and one of them went to prom with my brother’s girlfriend (allegedly). Support local biz and get yourself a Toddfather t-shirt.

My only gripe is they don’t have a Baby Jay t-shirt to wear at the Aug. 30 preseason game against the Chicago Bears.

Probably not very interesting…

But I wanted to post this sucker, in case some employer wants to look deep into my professional makeup. Here is my Emergentics profile, the “Which Spice Girl Are You?” quiz of the professional world. I took this profile test during my time at Schenkein, with the aim of creating ideal client teams for perfect efficiency. Does it work? Maybe. Either way, I was markedly proud of being dubbed “tri-modal” – meaning I don’t make decisions based on one or two strategies. 

Here’s a quick passage from the book to further explain what my profile means:

“The Structural/Social/Conceptional profile represents 4 percent of the population. People with this profile combine asymmetrical thinking with concrete, Structural thinking. They can inspire people and put together a process to see that the inspiration is completed.”

I’m so cool… hire me. 

I know what I’m having with my ramen this eve…

Hand claps and finger snaps go out to Denver agency Integer group for this Blue Moon ad. This is hands down the best beer commercial out there, finally unseating Heineken’s “dream closet” commercial as the baddest ad on the block. 

Click to view

(via AdGabber)

Street & Smith’s Sports Business Awards


NBC Sports, ESPN and IMG all took home multiple awards at the 2nd annual Sports Business Awards in New York City. (Complete awards list below.)

After its magnificent coverage of Beijing 2008, NBC Sports deservingly won Best in Sports Television, while NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol earned Sports Executive of the Year.

The Boston Celtics were awarded Professional Sports Team of the Year, topping fellow nominees the Chicago Blackhawks, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Tampa Bay Rays. Much to the chagrin of good friend James Allan, the Pittsburgh (“Six-burgh”) Steelers weren’t nominated.

The rest of the award winners made sense to me, with the exception of Professional Sports League of the Year, which was presented to the NBA. This award should be given to the NFL every single year. After this spring’s repugnant, woeful and afflictive officiating in the NBA Playoffs, look for the Association to miss out on a nomination in 2010.

2009 Sports Business Award winners: 

Lifetime Achievement – Peter Ueberroth
Sports Executive of the Year – NBC Universal Sports & Olympics Chair Dick Ebersol
Athletic Director of the Year – Joe Castiglione, Univ. of Oklahoma
Professional Sports Team of the Year – Boston Celtics
Professional Sports League of the Year – NBA
Sports Event of the Year – Amp Energy NHL Winter Classic
Best in Sports Media – ESPN
Best in Sports Television – NBC Sports
Best in Digital Sports Media – ESPN Digital Media
Best in Talent Representation and Management – CAA Sports
Best in Corporate Consulting, Marketing and Client Services – IMG
Best in Property Consulting, Sales and Client Services – IMG
Sports Event Marketing Firm of the Year – GMR Marketing
Sports Sponsor of the Year – Coca-Cola
Sports Facility of the Year – Lucas Oil Stadium
Best in Sports Technology – MLB Advanced Media for MLB At Bat

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